Words & Photos by RJ Hosking

The Vanagon Overland Window is another well-designed piece of equipment from the voice behind vanagonlife.

  • The lightweight aluminum panels are close to the weight of the original glass. 

  • Install takes less than 10 minutes. 

  • Versatility to custom mount for your needs. 

  • MAXTRAX and Hi-Lift fit nicely - they are out of the way, and still allow for air venting in rear.

The weight of both the Hi-LIft, MAXTRAX, and window were not noticeable in the least, as it sits nicely and evenly above the rear springs.  Conversely, mounting a Hi-Lift on the front bumper was quite noticeable, as the pendulum weight far off the front tires created a less than desirable driving experience. 

  • The inside grid is a nice feature to attach all the nicknacks. 

  • Rear visibility for driver side is not hindered in the least.

  • Keeps recovery gear tight and close to body of van.

  • Looks good with clean design, not overly stated.

Field Test in Baja:

Having quick ability to access recovery gear is huge.  There was no rattle except the Hi-Lift itself down bumpy washboard roads. 

The MAXTRAX and Hi-Lift attachment height was just right for on/off ease - there was no straining or awkward lifting.

This was important, as we used the MAXTRAX a number of times over 9 days in Baja sand.

I wouldn’t have considered bringing a bulky set of MAXTRAX on this type of trip in the past, but the convenience and elegant storage the Vanagon Overland Window provided opens up the ability to easily carry them and other goodies.

I highly recommend for any offroad pursuits moving forward.